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Overview of how data is modelled in

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Query API

An API enabling direct consumption of data in the Artsdata triplestore.

Reconciliation Service

The Reconciliation Service can be used to link entites to IDs. Supported entites include People, Organizations, and Places. In the future Performing Arts Productions and Works will be added. This API follows the documentation provided by the W3C Entity Reconciliation Community Group. This API can be consumed by tools like OpenRefine to add IDs (for example artists) to enrich an existing spreadsheet.

API documentation: W3C Entity Reconciliation Community Group

Reconciliation service endpoint:

Give it a try using the Test bench! Or view this screen recording.

Preview Service

Artsdata Preview Service provides embeddable HTML previews of entities (for example artists) directly in a user interface. This API is consumed along with the Reconciliation Service, by tools like OpenRefine where you can roll-over IDs (for example artists) and get a preview of information (photo, occupation, nationality, ISNI) to help with disambiguation. Documentation provided by the W3C Entity Reconciliation Community Group.

Events Query API BETA

NEW 15-SEP-2021: The Artsdata Events Query API provides an easy way to get a list of events in json or json-ld. The “frame” parameter enables the user to select different output properties and structures. The “format” parameter selects between json and json-ld. And the “source” parameter selects the graph or calatog of graphs. Documentation WIP.

Example: List of upcoming events from the OSM website in Montreal:

Source parameter

Many different datasets are uploaded to Artsdata daily. The Event API allows you to specific the source of your dataset by passing a dataset URI or a catalog of datasets URI.

Here is a list of individual datasets that can be used as the source parameter. And here is a list of catalogs of datasets that can also be used as the source parameter.

It is possible to create your own catalog of datasets as well.

Events demo

NEW 12-NOV-2020 Here is a demo website in Github that lists upcoming events in Quebec using the Artsdata API.

Other APIs coming soon

The main goal of the Query API is to provide easy access to all data in It offers SPARQL and traditional RESTful GETs (GraphQL in the works). Responses can be in JSON or JSON-LD. A user account enables persisted configurations for ranking graphs or settings for an iCalendar feed.

Documentation coming.