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Overview of how data is modelled in

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Culture Creates Wringer

Wringer (code name) is a tool & service developed by Culture Creates for technical developers to extract web pages with existing JSON-LD event data into

This tool is used with web sites that already have good JSON-LD, or a technical team with which Culture Creates can work with to guide the addition of JSON-LD event data to their web site.

The National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Canada is a great example of how we collaborated together to guide the creation of JSON-LD on to their web pages. Not only was able to collect and aggregate this data, but Culture Creates also built a pilot Chat Bot using the JSON-LD as the data source (Chat bot video)

There are many different ways a website can be crawled: crawling the entire website and extracting data following a URL pattern, a list of webpages from scraping a listing page, or a site map with a URL pattern. The end result is stored in a table with one webpage per row. Each row contains the extracted metadata in JSON-LD format, URL, page name, extraction date.